We value our patients' experience at Pidcock Chiropractic. If you are currently a chiropractic patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

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Dr. Scott J. Pidcock, Pidcock Chiropractic

My experience at Pidcock Chiropractic was the best! Before coming to Dr. Pidcock's office, I was on several pain and blood pressure medications and could not get a full six hours of sleep. I could not even bend over to tie my shoe. My pain was so bad that when I hit a bump in the road, I would cringe. It was the fate of an auto accident that lead me to this office. After my accident, my nights were sleepless and my back pain was unbelievable.

It has been amazing to see what my doctor has done for me, without the use of any medication.. The care provided has been amazing and has helped me heal.

If you have back pain and you are taking medication, you should try Dr. Pidcock and his staff. They are truly amazing. I would recommend this practice to anyone, any time. They are very professional and they are very caring. My favorite part about coming to Dr. Pidcock's office is seeing the friendly, warm and welcoming staff. The office is very clean as well. 

Augusta, Georgia

Because of chiropractic treatment at Pidcock Chiropractic, my lower back is soothed throughout the week. It makes my life much more pleasurable. Dr. Pidcock's staff is very warm and friendly, which makes for a great stress reliever during my day.

Pidcock Chiropractic is a wonderful entity for treatment if someone is searching for an atmosphere of timely service, flexible appoinment times, and friendliness exceeding satisfaction! The genuinely welcoming greetings, the second you walk in, are my absolute favorites!!

Shara -
Stockbridge, Georgia

After my visits with Dr. Pidcock, I am now able to do all of the things I want to do like mow grass, trim hedges and bend over to pull weeds. I am very active, so when I am unable to do the things I want, I know it is time to see my friendly chiropractor, Dr. Pidcock.

I tell my friends and family to go see him too.. I believe that everyone should try chiropractic treatment. I have been going since I was 15 years old and now I am 75. I have had excellent results.

My favorite part of going to Pidcock Chiropractic, is the staff. They are so nice and friendly. They are always smiling and helpful. I also love seeing other patients getting good results.

Dr. Pidcock's office is also very clean. I love coming to Pidcock Chiropractic. 

Clara -
Augusta, Georgia

Prior to coming to Pidcock Chiropractic, I was fearful of this discipline of healthcare. Even as a nurse, I had hesitation. After an auto accident, I decided to try it because of the pain I had. I am so glad I did! I am active and the pain hindered my lifestyle. Sitting in a car to travel an hour, would hurt, so would my daily walk or swimming.

Now, I am back to myself, even better! It is amazing how the body will heal itself without the conventional use of drugs, when allowed the time. I have learned how important body alignment is and how easily it can get thrown off, just doing our daily activities.

It will not take an accident to get me back here to Pidcock Chiropractic. The staff are friendly and highly skilled in their area of practice. The doctors not only treat you, but they also educate and reassure you with each visit.

My favorite part of this experience has been all of the smiles, I see, as soon as I walked through the door. All I can say is please don't let an injury be the only reason you go to a chiropractor. We all need adjustments sometimes.

Debbie -
Grovetown, Georgia

I love Dr. Pidcock and his staff! The doctor and staff are great and they are very concerned about our well being. This is what I really love about Pidcock Chiropractic. They take their time and explain what is going on with you, until you understand it. They are very honest and let you know what you can expect to pay and what your insurance is expected to pay, up front.

My first experience with Dr. Pidcock was when I got hurt on my job. I was taken very good care of and so, when I got into a car accident, I returned. I called that morning and they got me right in. Now, I am back again because I lifted something too heavy.

So, thank God for Dr. Pidcock. To everyone who reads this... please stop by Dr. Pidcock's office for a visit with your family. He is a really great chiropractor! He, along with his staff, are a blessing.

Barbara -
Hephzibah, Georgia

Before coming to Pidcock Chiropractic, I had many pains in the upper and lower back areas. After about four weeks of treatment, the pain is relieved and I have lost twelve pounds! My wife's first experience with chiropractic, has not only relieved her pain but has also straightened up her structure. She is no longer hunching over.

Pidcock Chiropractic is a very efficient and professional office. I would recommend it, and have recommended it, to everyone.

Our most favorite part of coming to Pidcock Chiropractic is the family atmosphere and the quick service. 

Jacque and Wendy -
Grovetown, Georgia

I can work now without pain. I had no idea chiropractic care would make me feel so good. Other should come to Pidcock Chiropractic because of the expertise of the doctors, and the very friendly staff. They make you feel like family. They are my favorite part of each visit.

William -
Augusta, Georgia

Exactly one month ago today, my kids and I were struck by an oncoming vehicle. My body locked instantly. I began coming to Pidcock Chiropractic in late April. The staff is amazing and very knowledgeable. I now know the correct way to sleep and sit. I know now to use ice as opposed to heat for my neck and back. It is amazing the damage an accident can do, and the way chiropractic care can heal. I can feel my neck and spine healing. It was unaligned but the tension is going away and the limp is gone. I would recommend Pidcock Chiropractic to everyone in need. It feels good to be welcomed by friendly, helpful smiles and courteous, informative doctors.

Diachelle -
Augusta, Georgia


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